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Certificate Course in 2D Animation using Flash

Objective of Course :

Course that covers the fundamentals of 2D animation techniques using Adobe ® Flash software.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course the student will learn basic concepts of 2D Animation, Storyboarding and create animated digital multimedia content for media using the tools and techniques as available in the Adobe Flash software

Outline of Course

Topic Minimum No. of Hours
Introduction to 2D animation using Flash 02 hrs
Vector graphics, Flash layout & interface 02 hrs
Shapes & objects 08 hrs
Transformation tools 06 hrs
Colors, palettes, text 06 hrs
Frame , key frames, layering 06 hrs
Sounds & video 06 hrs
Shape tween, symbols 06 hrs
Motion tween, masking 08 hrs
Character design & character animation 04 hrs
Action script 12 hrs
Publishing & exporting flash files 00 hrs
Project work 12 hrs
Theory / Lecture Hours 25 hrs
Practical / Tutorial / Lecture Hours: 55 hrs
Total Hours: 80 hrs
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