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Advanced Diploma in J2EE

Objective of the Course:

The course is a 3 month course aimed at preparing fresh graduates for professional positions in the software and IT industry by developing advanced skills in cutting-edge technologies like JEE and web technology.

Learning Outcomes:

This is a hands on course which provides participants with the information and lab experience necessary to develop and deploy robust JEE 6 (Java Platform, Enterprise Edition) framework applications. This course starts with core java and covers advanced Java and JEE

Outline of Course

Topic Minimum No. of Hours
Core Java
Introduction to Java Platform, Data Types, Variables, Arrays, Operators, Control Statements, Java Classes and Objects, Methods, Inheritance, Packages and Interfaces, Exception Handling, Threads and Multi Threading, I/O, String Handling, Java.Lang, Collections, Network Programming.
96 hrs
GUI Development Java AWT, Text Fields, Buttons, Layout Managers, Event Handling, Applets, Graphics, JFC Swing, Swing Components, Animations 36 hrs
Database Programming–Introduction to DBMS, JDBC in detail 20 hrs
J2EE : Intro to JEE 6, RMI , Jar, WAR, JSP, JSTL, Servlets, JNDI, EJB - Session Bean - Stateless, Stateful, Entity Bean , Introduction to Struts Framework, JSF 108 hrs
Project work 100 hrs
Theory / Lecture Hours 120 hrs
Practical / Tutorial / Lecture Hours: 240 hrs
Total Hours: 360 hrs
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