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Certificate Course in programming through C Language

Objective of Course :

The course is designed to provide programming fundamentals using C

Learning Outcomes:

After the completion of the course, students will be able to:-
Understand the basic terminology used in computer, write , compile and debug programs in C language and use different data types in a computer program.

Outline of Course

Topic Minimum No. of Hours
Introduction to C 02 hrs
Data types & operator 06 hrs
Logical & looping constructsLogical & looping constructs 15 hrs
Functions 06 hrs
Arrays & Pointers 25 hrs
Structures & union 10 hrs
Standard library & header files 06 hrs
File Handling Operations 10 hrs
Theory / Lecture Hours 40 hrs
Practical / Tutorial / Lecture Hours: 40 hrs
Total Hours: 80 hrs
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